8Sigma becomes a registered trademark

The management board of 8Sigma announced that the company’s name has recently become a registered trademark.

It means that the European Union Intellectual Property Office provides 8Sigma with legal protection and rights to determine the rules of the way and time of the usage of the registered name.

Moreover, it supports the company in protecting brand values, building an asset, defending against rival marks, defining rights and preventing fraud and counterfeiting.

Marko Šatrak, co-founder and director at 8Sigma said: “Registering our company’s brand on the international level is a great step forward in our positioning on the world market.  8Sigma has a specific meaning, and we use it as a basis in defining the official names of our software solutions.  We have invested a lot of effort and knowledge in developing software that will follow the client’s needs. That is why we find this registration also as an additional confirmation of our quality and reliability.”

The term Six Sigma is used in statistical quality control, which evaluates process capability and ensures that 99,99% of all opportunities to produce a feature are statistically expected to be free of defects. When founders of the company decided to name company 8Sigma, they wanted to make one step beyond and to highlight the high level of accuracy that they provide to their customers.

8Sigma EU trademark is valid for 10 years in all EU member states.