8Sigma has been represented at the 14th Job Fair

For the first time, 8Sigma has been represented at Job Fair, the largest career fair in Croatia.

The 14th edition of this fair took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and gathered 115 hi-tech companies and more than 3500 students of programming, computing, and other related studies.

Like most of IT companies, 8Sigma is faced with increased demand for software engineers so this was a great opportunity to present company and open job positions to the existing and future software developers.  All visitors of the fair were invited to visit our booth and find out everything they want to know about the employing options. For all those who wanted to know more information about 8Sigma MES software solution that we have been developing, Director Marko Šatrak has held a lecture on Croatian “Tvornica bez MES-a, k’o burek bez mesa”, loosely translated as “Factory without MES, what a mess”. With this lecture, he tried to explain what our developers have been doing in order to bring Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things to factories worldwide. Since the lecture was live-streamed, it can be watched again at the following link:

Job Fair has been organized by Career Center of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing and their partners SS FER, KSET, and BEST Zagreb.