8Sigma has joined the first-ever European initiative for corporate volunteering

8Sigma has accepted the invitation of Volunteer’s Centre Zagreb to join the initiative which promotes corporate volunteering. By signing the Corporate Volunteering Charter, 8Sigma has become one of two software companies in Croatia which joined this first-ever European project that actively promotes corporate volunteering as an important factor in making a better and happier society.

“From the very beginning, our company has been supporting socially responsible activities by encouraging our employers to participate in various volunteering projects. Now, we have decided to sign the Volunteering Charter and officially confirm and accept values which this Charter promotes. We are proud to be a part of such praiseworthy project”, said director Slobodan Kovačević on this occasion.

The signing ceremony has been held within the third conference on volunteering that gathered more than 150 attendees from different private and public companies, institutions, and organizations. Besides 8Sigma, 22 other companies recognized the values of this initiative and signed the Volunteering Charter.

Corporate Volunteering Charter is established by Volunteer’s Centre Zagreb, Croatian Volunteer Development Centre and Network for Corporate Volunteering Development.