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We are looking for passionate software engineers.

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Why choose 8 Sigma

We founded 8 Sigma in 2015, but we have had years of professional work in the field of software development for supervising and controlling production processes at factories. Our own 8Sigma MES software has been distributed to various industries and our market is the whole world.

The term 8 Sigma represents exceptionally high accuracy, exactly what factory owners expect when they entrust us with the oversight of big plants. We consider each project as a creative challenge because we look for a way how to present all important information on a single e-platform in the simplest way.

We have great ambitions:
  • Today we operate on 4, tomorrow on 5 continents
  • Today we implement our solutions in three different industries, but tomorrow in four

We grow every day and we gain new experiences and new knowledge.

Our team consists of proactive people, eager to learn and ready to create a successful story together. We offer a pleasant working environment, a relaxed atmosphere and a trustworthy relationship as a basis for your personal and company growth.
If you are ready to act globally and create a successful story together with us, we invite you to join our team.