Customer oriented 

Ready to give added value 

We are a team of passionate and experienced professionals who are aware that a satisfied customer is the most important factor in establishing a stable and prosperous company. In most cases, it is not enough just to follow customers’ demands and provide a service in a professional manner. To make the customer satisfied it is preferable to act proactive, track their working philosophy and try to always be ready to give even more than it is expected. Rapid, technological change and development have a huge impact on production processes in factories which are constantly exposed to owners’ demands for the increase of productivity on one side, and market requirements for improvement of product quality on the other side. That is why it is often very difficult to earn customers’ trust and satisfaction.

Earning customers’ trust 

Software engineer job position doesn’t only include office work. In fact, it requires a lot of fieldwork and absence from home and office. Although it seems very attractive to travel all over the world, it is not always easy to adjust to such a lifestyle. However, we at 8Sigma understand that the only way to provide the most quality service is to give the best from ourselves, and that means that we must be ready to live far away from home for a couple of months and work on a complex project in order to achieve customers’ goals.  Of course, that kind of personal involvement and dedication to work it wouldn’t be possible if we aren’t motivated by our company, which provides us with a series of benefits that make us feel adequately rewarded for our efforts.

Dedication derives from our culture 

That is the reason why we always put our customer in the first place and follow their needs. On an everyday basis, I communicate with operators who are in charge for implementation of 8Sigma MES in their production process, so I have a great opportunity to detect details that could cause a problem in operators’ work. Although it’s not a part of our cooperation, I always try to give bits of advice and add some functionalities which make operators’ work easier and simpler.

Ema Musa, Junior Software Engineer

Dialogue and cooperation

Teamwork brings us closer to our goals 

Dino Laktašić

I suppose that people who are not very familiar with the software engineering profession probably think that this type of job doesn’t require teamwork. However, it is far away from true because the most important condition for successfully completing the project is teamwork and communication between experts involved in the project. 
Problem occurs when all team members are not included in a dialogue about the specific problems within the project. Lack of information can cause a completely wrong direction of resolving the problem which can result in loss of time and money, the most important issue for every customer and company for which you work. 

Working together to find the best solution 

For that reason, 8 Sigma shows great attention to dialogue and cooperation not only with its clients but also with its employees. High level of our ethical standard encourages us to be sincere in our communication with clients. It also affects our internal communication, so in our everyday work at least two or three IT experts discuss and analyze all important issues of the project. It is more probable that some important detail will be overlooked if only one person works on the project and that is why we always try to work together to find the best solution. Moreover, when several people work on the same project there is a great chance that someone will see something that nobody else did. Every phase of programming is checked, so there is really a small possibility that some error will occur. 

This working concept helps us in finalizing the project timely, and also in strengthening personal relationships with our colleagues. Furthermore, it increases our sense of community and belonging to the team and motivates us to be more diligent and dedicated to our work. 

Dino Laktašić, Software engineer


Earning customer’s trust by being responsible 

Slobodan Kovačević

We strongly believe that the most important factor in achieving customers satisfaction is an ethical approach to work. The best customers are those satisfied with the provided services. However, to achieve required customer satisfaction, it is very important to earn their trust, which is challenging more than ever before. 

Honesty, no matter what the consequences are 

We access customer’s problems very carefully, with a high level of responsibility towards their time and money, always trying to offer a solution which will meet their needs and expectations. For proper relations with the customer, it is preferable to be sincere and honest, no matter what the consequences might be. A good example which confirms this claim is a situation that we had with one of our clients at the beginning of our cooperation. We received a customer’s demand to finalize the project within an unreasonable deadline. In fact, for successful implementation of the project more time is required, even if usual downtimes do not appear. Although the customer was very persistent in their demands to finalize the project as soon as possible, we were not able to promise something that we obviously could not conclude in such a short period of time. We decided to explain the reasons for the time needed for each activity. 

Trust leads to further cooperation 

Eventually, the customer accepted our explanation and we started our cooperation. There were many unpredictable situations during the work, but we managed to resolve all problems within the time frame. In the end, the customer realized that their expectations were unreal and that everything was done just like it had been presented. If we had accepted customers’ demands to work within the unreasonable timeframe, it would have resulted in additional interventions and unplanned investment. Probably it would cause even more time than it was required. Thanks to our consistency we managed to earn the customer’s trust, which led to further cooperation. This case proved why ethics never loses its value. 

Slobodan Kovačević, Director 


Balance between studying and working 

Flexibility as incalculable value of our company culture is equally reflected on our customers and employees. Having completed a B.A. course in informatics, I decided to continue my education by enrolling in a graduate course at Pula University. Studying and working full time wouldn’t be possible without the employer’s understanding. 

Flexible working schedule 

Luckily, 8 Sigma’s management is aware of the impact which knowledge and education have on personal and company’s growth, so we have a flexible working schedule which helps me balance better my commitments. Thanks to flexible working hours, I am more efficient as a student and employee, so commuting between two distant cities does not present a problem to me. A comfortable working environment and a superior’s positive and friendly attitude makes me satisfied and motivated to work even more. It obliges me to repay the company by giving my best to achieve the company’s goals. 

Prompt problem solving 

A great example of how company’s flexibility became a part of my lifestyle is a situation when a client had a problem with notifications services which required prompt problem resolving. After I woke up very early to catch my bus, I spent part of the day in Pula at college and although the trip was really exhausting, I came to the office later to resolve the problem. I had a moral obligation towards my company and client, so I wanted to fix the problem as soon as possible. Finally, the problem was resolved, and the customer could continue their work without downtime. 

Mirko Sršen, Junior software engineer