We do business worldwide...

Our expertise

  • Over 15 years of experience in the systems for managing and monitoring manufacturing processes
  • Solutions in the biggest plants all over the world
  • Covering metals, pulp and paper, power plants and food and beverage industries
  • Our market is the whole world

Our MES platform can be customized to meet any company's goals. Here are examples of achievements in some of our projects:

Profile a regional leader in reprocessing aluminium in state-of-the-art semi-finished goods for the needs of various industries
Country Slovenia, 126% manufacturing growth in the last decade
Employees 2,300

What we have achieved

  • Early detection of possible quality problems
  • Greater reliability of the entire production process
  • Product genealogy (product history throughout the process)
  • Reduction of customer complaints

Profile a leading automation solution provider in the beer industry and in the wide range of sectors worldwide
Country Croatia
Employees 125

What we have achieved

  • Kegs tracking
  • Support to the maintenance department
  • Support to the lab in solving complaints
  • Connecting multiple dislocated factories in a single system

Profile a technology leader in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation, and robotics.
Country a Swiss-Swedish multinational doing business in more than 100 countries
Employees 147,000

What we have achieved

  • Integration of a complex wire rod mill
  • Support regarding the delivery of goods in the warehouse


Profile one of the leading global suppliers for complete lines of the production and processing of cold-rolled strip
Country Austria, 250 production and service facilities.
Employees +30,000

What we have achieved

  • Special steel processing
  • Optimizing the material route
  • Controlling the cooling of the material

Profile a global leader in process automation for steel manufacturers
Country Italy, 25 divisions worldwide
Employees 9,300

What we have achieved

  • Support of MES implementation
  • Bar mill commissioning