Business needs

Impol is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-quality aluminium and aluminium alloy products such as rods, tubes, pipes, as well as aluminium rolled products such as foils, thin coils tread plates, etc. There are tons of products manufactured every day and the company faced a necessity of getting information about the production in real time, which would increase the quality control throughout the whole process.


8Sigma MES proved to be an excellent solution to collecting and providing information about the production in real time. The team of in-house engineers got control over the output units, the time needed for manufacturing each product, accuracy and over downtime. 8 Sigma experts implemented automatic classification of product quality, so it is simple to compare the products according to the given KPI’s. Moreover, 8Sigma MES has flexible infrastructure, which is important in the industry where parameters change frequently, so it will be possible to make extensions to the existing solution.


8Sigma MES solution supervises the whole aluminium rolling complex and key stakeholders are able to get all important data about the machine production through reports delivered on a daily basis. It means that business decisions can be reached faster and on the basis of relevant insight. Production supervisors detect quality issues early enough to prevent making the same mistake during the production. Moreover, if needed, decision makers can get the product genealogy, knowing what happened with the product at every stage of the production. Overall, by implementing 8Sigma MES, Impol increased reliability of their whole production process.