Business needs

The end customer, the second largest company for beer and soft drinks in Africa, has invested in a new keg fleet and has come up with a specific request – to establish a system which will present the history of kegs usage, as well as provide insight into proactive maintenance and customer complaints.  Together with Montelektro, the world leader in brewery automation, 8 Sigma has proposed MES implementation for keg tracking.


8Sigma MES proved to be an excellent solution to collecting and providing information about keg filling, maintenance, and customers complaints. The maintenance tablet application is used to scan kegs in order to see the maintenance history and record all service actions made on a keg. The complaints mobile application is used by sales representatives to register complaints from the sale’s point. Further on, complaints are handled by the quality department in order to resolve the case.


Key stakeholders are able to get all important data through reports delivered on a daily basis. For example, it can be seen how many kegs were filled or rejected during a certain time period. On the other hand, a beer keg can be followed from the production line to the customer and back. That way it is easy to see how much a keg weighs during various stages on the production line or when it is returned to the factory and in what condition.  The maintenance team is informed of how many times a beer keg has been opened and when it is the right time to replace the valves. By setting MES parameters, the customer is able to schedule keg maintenance and, finally to decrease the number of complaints.