Do I need an MES?

Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels

Blog by Vladimir Lukic

The answer to the above question depends on several factors.

MES is a system of use to production companies, so for first, you would need to own or manage a production company to consider an MES. Some other important factors are:

Company size – MES usually brings the most benefits to large serial production companies. By implementing MES in a smaller volume company, the period needed for a positive return of an MES investment is likely to be longer, so the cost-benefit analysis should take that into account.

Requirements complexity – a simple example would be monitoring of your production process just for the target of tracking the volume of production. Such a target usually does not require an MES implementation and can easily be solved by using just SCADA and/or ERP systems.

Another example would be more complex in which the target is to control and monitor a few variables withing the production process for which it would be enough, or at it least it seems so, just to buy a few cheap IoT sensors. In this case, you also likely do not need an MES.

However, if your target is to monitor and control your production by tracking a few hundreds of variables in real time, and your process itself is complex, with a lot of different segments, you most likely need an MES.

Reputation – sometimes an MES implementation does not need to have a quick, high return on investment, if your reputation and quality control is of a top priority for doing business. Such examples would be automotive or pharmaceutical industries. In such cases, using MES is mandatory.

In any case, if your desire is to be the owner or manager of a „smart factory“ and follow the trends of Industry 4.0, MES is an indispensable part of the puzzle.

Photo by Kateryna Babaieva from Pexels