Humanitarian contribution of 8Sigma’s software engineer

In March 2020, while coronavirus lockdown, the Croatian capital Zagreb was hit by the strong earthquake that caused damage to most of the older buildings in the city center. Many people lost their homes after their walls and rooftops were cracked by the quake hit. It did not take too long and brave individuals voluntarily joined forces in helping their fellow citizens in repairing the damage. 

As a passionate and experienced climber, 8Sigma’s senior software engineer Dino did not have any doubts about joining a group of unselfish enthusiasts who have been removing damaged chimneys on building roofs and helping those the most affected by the strongest earthquake in Zagreb in the last 140 years. This praiseworthy activity is very important because it prevents further collapse of buildings and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries that may happen as a result of parts falling on the street.

As a company that is a part of the first-ever European initiative for corporate volunteering, 8Sigma firmly supports its employees in their generous efforts in helping the most vulnerable members of our society. Such activities are even more commendable in the situation when we have all been dealing with the coronavirus crisis and the consequences of the natural disaster at the same time.