I have heard these MES projects are endless?!

Blog by Vladimir Lukic

In my last blog, I referred to the purpose of having Manufacturing Execution Systems in factories that already have SCADA. Now, when I explained why MES is so important, I need to answer to a potential customer who has heard that MES projects are endless.

We all need to adjust

Adaptation to the situation is a precondition for development and growth. 

Companies should be ready to adjust to a new market requirement, follow the latest technologies and, to change themselves all the time. From that perspective, it may be perceived as an endless story. However, if you want to stay on top, you do not have too much choice! Only with continuous modernization, companies can achieve business goals and strengthen their market positions. Continuous adaptation of companies reflects the need for the same adaption on the side of MES as well.

Planning is half the work

Any project can be endless if the project scope and targets are not very well defined.

Each MES project needs to have a reason or a purpose for the implementation. It requires clearly defined goals of what companies want to achieve with MES and what MES will bring. For the successful implementation of MES, it is necessary to have good coordination between business (Sales, ERP, Production planning, …) and shop floor (operations, maintenance, …) and to have all stakeholders involved in the project. 

MES is not a self-sufficient isolated island. It will show its full strength only if is connected to other production and business processes and systems that support these processes. Unlike off-the-shelf software, the development and installation of MES take time and it is much more complex and challenging, mostly because of a complex business and production process. 

Although these projects are very complex and at the very beginning may look like they will never end, with proper planning and active support of all involved, even most demanding MES projects can be successfully completed on time.