State of the art, Industry 4.0 software at the heart of your plant

Solving various integration challenges to help you reach better and right-on-time decisions.

Key benefits

  • Identifies performance issues and calculates KPIs
  • Optimizes the production schedule
  • Allows proactive maintenance
  • Eliminates root causes and bottlenecks
  • Compares results with targets
Key features

Production control

8Sigma MES is a software solution for the food and beverage industries. It is a very flexible solution which can be easily integrated with your production process and ERP. All information that 8Sigma MES collects and saves are immediately visible and usable for better operational decision making.
Our solution will help you with production orders planning, production control, and performance monitoring.


Today, food and beverage industries are faced with food safety being a top priority. In such circumstances, 8Sigma MES provides a perfect tool for paperless tracking and tracing of your products.
All information about production steps and routes that each product passes through are available at just one click.

Quality control

The quality control feature is a part of 8Sigma MES that is responsible for collecting quality information directly from the production process in near real-time and from other sources like the lab. All quality information is easily accessible and enables companies to take fast, corrective actions.

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