State of the art, Industry 4.0 software at the heart of your plant

Solving various integration challenges to help you reach better and right-on-time decisions.

Key benefits

  • Identifies performance issues and calculates KPIs
  • Optimizes the production schedule
  • Allows proactive maintenance
  • Eliminates root causes and bottlenecks
  • Compares results with targets
Examples of what we can achieve

Complaint Control

8Sigma MES manages processes of complaints. For example, a common situation can be that a customer makes complaints about bad taste of beer but despite that returns an empty keg. MES alerts the sales team that complaint of the customer needs to be rechecked. Moreover, all departments involved in resolving customer complaints are able to obtain insight from the analysis and determine root causes.

Keg tracking

By using our MES, it is easy not only to supervise the keg through different stages on the production line, such as weighing and washing, but also to compare the time spent for each stage across the lines and to determine bottlenecks. After the keg is delivered to the customer, one can track when it should be returned to the factory, as well as check the condition of kegs and get maintenance alerts for replacing some parts well in advance.

Proactive Maintenance

Our MES offers maintenance support. For example, 8Sigma MES controls how many times a beer keg was opened during washing, filling and other operations on the production line. Since the valves on beer kegs should be replaced often, MES suggests the right time for replacement.

Take a look at screenshots from our MES and get a picture of what your reports and screens can look like