Keep your eye on everything that is happening at your brewery

State of the art plant-wide software solution

MES for beer production

  • Product traceability
  • Immediate factory visibility
  • Seamless integration with ERP and PCS
  • Downtime analysis
Key features


Manufacturing Execution System software solution developed in the cooperation of experienced IT experts from Montelektro & 8Sigma.It applies to large and small breweries.

Production integration

  • Coordinates and connects all machines and units in the production process
  • Involves inspection and quality control into process lifecycle
  • Supports transport, logistics, and shipping
  • Optimizes maintenance activities
  • Tracks energy usage
  • Connects the production process with ERP
  • Key benefits

  • Traceability and product genealogy
  • Production plan optimization at an early stage
  • Detection of bottlenecks, downtime, and cause of problems
  • Immediate information for better decision support
  • Comparison of results with targets
  • Insight to work performance
  • User-friendly and highly configurable