Finding your kegs is like looking for a needle in a haystack?

According to Brewer’s Association, breweries yearly lose about 4% of their kegs.
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You will know when your keg is

  • Filled with beer from the batch
  • Moved to a warehouse
  • Waiting for delivery
  • Finished in bar
  • Washed
  • Maintained
  • Quality checked
Key features

Complaint Control

Customer can enter complaints through a mobile application and KegTNT will immediately notify you.

Keg tracking

KegTNT supports you in reaching the full potential of your keg fleet, saving money and reducing costs.

KegTNT is a part of our MES suite, but it can also run independently.

Keg identification

It supports all identification technologies (barcode, RFID readers and QR code) and can identify keg with a single click.

Take a look at screenshots from our KegTNT and get a picture of what your reports and screens can look like