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Key benefits

  • Identifies performance issues and calculates KPIs
  • Optimizes the production schedule
  • Allows proactive maintenance
  • Eliminates root causes and bottlenecks
  • Compares results with targets
Key features

Quality Control

By using our MES solution you will know what happens with each and every product during the production. For example, if one steel coil gets a low-quality mark, you will get a real-time report to see why targeted values have not been reached. The flatness of a part of the product may not reach the set target and you will immediately know where the process went wrong.

Product genealogy

In case of customer complaints, our MES does not just keep traceability from resource to market, it also offers an option to review all key process variables stored during the production process. For example, in case of a complaint on part of an aluminium coil, a rolling replay of hot strip mill can be run in MES.

Work performance

If you want to know what your best teams in the plant are, 8Sigma MES can provide you with valuable insight. You will get data about how many products are produced during the shift and if there are any mistakes during the setup of the production programs. It is a great mechanism to reward your best employees by getting accurate performance indicators.

Take a look at the screenshots from our MES and get a picture of what your reports and screens can look like