Strengthening the relationships between 8Sigma team members by spending time in nature

It is well-known that software programming is a type of job which requires long sitting hours in front of a computer. Unfortunately, due to today’s dynamic lifestyle, most of the people don’t have too much time to spend, for example, somewhere in nature.

Probably the best solution to escape from everyday stress and to get close with working colleagues is team building. It is a great motivational tool which can help the company to build a team who can work together and be more passionate and efficient about success. With the organization of team buildings, companies strengthen the relations between coworkers, help them to get know each other better and to resolve tasks through teamwork.

8Sigma is a company which is, among the other things, oriented to the satisfaction of their employees by enabling them a proper work-life balance. Having on mind how much satisfied and happy employee is important for the company’s success, 8Sigma continuously initiates various activities which make the working environment at 8Sigma attractive and comfortable.

Following to that policy, we have recently organized a team building at the Rizvan City adrenaline park. Surrounded by beautiful nature, our team has spent two days in an unforgettable adventure of a zip line, giant swing, climbing, high rope course, paintball, shooting, human table football, and an escape room. We have also visited the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current and other useful inventions like tele- automation, induction motor, etc.

This experience helped us to recharge our batteries and to reignite our passion for work, but also to inspire and build our team spirit.