The field trip to the Nova Runda craft brewery

Last week, 8Sigma organized a field trip for its employees to the craft brewery Nova Runda, located in Zabok, Croatia.

As a premium software company developing MES solutions for the different industries, 8Sigma is capable to meet the requirements of any production process.   Still, the best way to get a better overview of their specific aspects is the introduction to the technology process at first hand. That is why this excursion was a brilliant opportunity to learn how craft brewing technology works.

Mr. Marko Filipin, co-owner of the brewery, and brew master presented guests from 8Sigma with all stages of the brewing process and challenges that craft brewers facing through the brewing process. A better understanding of how things are functioning will be of significant help to 8Sigma’s software developers in programming and developing MES software solutions for the craft brewing industry and add-on modules like KegTNT.

Apart from the educational aspect, this excursion was also a good occasion to gather the complete team after two months of work from home because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Nova Runda is one of the first Croatian craft breweries, established in 2014. They produce nine different types of craft beers, including the one best-rated and supply pubs in 27 cities in Croatia