Slovenian company Impol-TLM implements MES

For 8Sigma by Nino Vednik

8 Sigma concluded a cooperation with Impol – TLM by delivering MES to this Slovenian-Croatian company. The implementation of MES will enable Impol – TLM with the early detection of potential problems in quality and greater reliability of the entire manufacturing process. It will also enable an overview of the product history through the production process, as well as further system expansion and integration with the ERP business system. The results of introducing MES to Impol – TLM’s production process will be visible through the decrease in customers’ complaints, through the improvement of product quality and the increase in productivity.

When Impol – TLM in 2017 took over the production facility from the former Croatian company TLM, they were faced with difficulties in tracking machine efficiency because the existing systems did not offer a quick overview of the quality and quantity of produced materials. Aluminium processing is a very complex process which includes several production phases and requires resolving possible problems at an early stage. That is why Impol TLM’s management decided to implement 8Sigma MES, which provides Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) support to the production process. MES provides th client with the possibility of an early detection of

  • MES provides the client with the possibility of an early detection of potential problems in the quality
  • A greater reliability of the entire manufacturing process
  • MES system is applicable in different industries and presents an excellent informational platform which can support the company’s management

Thanks to the introduction of MES, Impol-TLM’s rolling mill became integrated and coordinated in real time, so now it is possible to track the complete production process at all stages and precisely detect accurate problems on each of the machines. Finally, 8 Sigma helps the company’s management to steer the production process effectively.

Impol – TLM is a part of a Slovenian owned company Impol, a regional leader in aluminium processing, which hires 2,300 people in plants in Slovenska Bistrica, Šibenik and Sevojno.

Autor fotografije: Nino Vednik